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Wedding Dances 

Everyone wants a wedding to remember, we can make your first dance the most memorable experience! We based our practices off of love, commitment, fun and joy. Book your wedding package with us today and make your first dance one that you and your other can cherish for a life time!


All first rehearsals come with a glass of champagne to lighten the mode. 

Private lessons range from $55 to $125 per lesson (per couple). Costs vary depending on the location. A wedding package that assumes no background in dance may include 3-7 lessons. Each couple is different and some need more practices and some need less. We can always add more practices if needed.


Usually three dances are needed for the Quinceanera celebrations: The Group Waltz, the Father/Daughter dance and the Group “Fun” Dance.

Starting your lessons early will help you have enough time to rehearse your dances and not rush at last minute to pull it together.

Group Waltz

When choosing a song keep in mind if you have a theme for your event and also words to be appropriate to occasion. Keep in mind the number of dancers and abilities of your group. Our instructors will help you with making sure its choreographed accordingly.

Father/Daughter Dance

In this dance the young lady and her father will dance a waltz choreographed to a special song appropriate to the relationship 

Group ”Fun” Dance

This dance can be a sassy salsa or a combination of latin dances like merengue, rumba, cha-cha. Also dances like swing or even a group tango. Dance  will be choreographed with dancers ability in mind. We have also done some hip-hop and jazz dances for parties and it was a real hit!

Whatever your dancing needs, our instructors will make your experience fun and exciting. We will help give you with music, practical choice of costumes, ample rehearsal time and make this experience fun and easy.

Single Father/Daughter: Lesson per hour $80

Bronze Package – 5 Private Lessons $375

Gold package – 10 Private Lessons $720

Group Dances (up to 14 ppl): Lesson per hour $95

Bronze Package – 5 Private lessons $450

Gold package – 10 private lessons $865

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