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Registration fee is $40 every show

New season begins August 16th! 




ACTING                                                         Acting Level I/II


This class is for EVERY personality! There are those children who love to act and want the spotlight 24/7, and others who feel shy and need to break out of their shell.  This class will give you tons of time on the stage so you can find your “acting” process while building life-long skills. Learn how to properly explore the stage and understand how an actor works. Discover how to conquer fears, enhance public speaking, have an energized stage presence, use proper diction, enjoy collaboration and creativity and train like a professional. 
Through stage readings of famous plays, audition prep, monologue work, scene study and rehearsals that incorporate various acting methodologies that develop the actor internally as well as externally, our students will bring their own sense of self to the stage. Students will learn to listen to one another, use their imaginations and pursue actions and objectives ultimately allowing them to create their own personal process for becoming a strong actor and effective and empathetic person. 

Cost: $30 a month. Class Times Vary

All acting classes are designed to develop and exercise basic acting skills through practical application of the fundamental elements of the actor’s art.  Emphasis will be placed on the growth of the young actor through education of basic acting terms, acting exercises, improvisation and public speaking.  

Main Course Objectives:  

  • To develop skills to propel the student’s passion for the arts. 

  • To develop a personal rehearsal process.  

  • To broaden the understanding of all facets of theatre. 

  • To build self-esteem in public speaking, performing and auditioning.

                                                                     Acting Level III


Same as above as far as what will be taught and what they will learn from the program. This level also competes at two competitions for the season. They will learn a musical theatre number in which they will compete along with an optional monologue or song! 

Session 1: Clue. Performed on October 15th and 16th Auditions August 3rd.

Session 2: November through February performance at the beginning of March.

Session 3: March through June performance at the beginning of June. 

 Cost $30 a month

Other shows that will be performed this season along with our plays. 

*Improv Comedy Show

*Monologue Show 

*Lip Sync Battle 

                                                                THE DIRECTORS COMPANY


The Directors Company is for those members who would like to work personally and closely with our Director Chelsea Bruce. This company is for those who are looking to make a career out of their dance, acrobatics and theatre classes or for those who would like to add even more to their classes they are taken now and or for those who want to continue working with Mrs. Chelsea even after they graduate as your agent. We will help your performer get the job and help with decisions that lead up to their job. Once they have the gig we will want nothing but to SUPPORT And TO ADVERTISE that we helped get them to this level and would ask that you would share the news and thank us along the way to your students success.

***We help get them ready, what they do with it, is all them ***

Program consist of but not limited to:

*Attending Open Auditions

*Having a resume and Bio 

*Headshots and Photos for portfolio 

*Attending Performance Opportunities 

*Attending Out of State/Country Performances

*Audition Opportunities and Workshop/Convention Classes

*Hosting Workshop/Convention Classes

*Hosting as an assistant to Workshop/Convention Classes

*Backstage dancer opportunities

*Working Closely with Disney and Universal

*Opportunities at Prestigious Schools

*Mrs. Chelsea will attend the events and take the students there and back so parents do not have to worry. 

*Events could be monthly, Every couple of months and or yearly.

Fees are completely based of what the student would make per hour and or what the event entitles. 




Must pay a deposit of $300 yearly to be apart of this program. It will include a T-shirt.  You will also be set up on multiple platforms regarding thousands of agencies who are seeking talent for their upcoming events. 





















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The Borthwick family gathers in the living room after being asked to convene there by the self-appointed black sheep of the family, Chris.  He, however, has not shown up, and the family is none-too-eager to take time away from busy schedules.  Chris finally arrives via video and speaks to them from the television screen (real or constructed on stage with an actor inside).  We begin to see his perspective on how each family member has treated him, gaining an understanding of how poor communication and the family’s misguided intentions have led Chris to feel like an outsider. 

The Little Mermaid Jr. is a stage musical produced by Disney Theatrical, based on the animated 1989 Disney film of the same name and the classic story of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen about a mermaid who dreams of the world above the sea and gives up her voice to find love.

Beauty and the Beast is a musical with music by Alan Menken, lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, and book by Linda Woolverton. Adapted from Walt Disney PicturesAcademy Award-winning 1991 animated musical film of the same name – which in turn had been based on the classic French fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont –[1] Beauty and the Beast tells the story of a cold-blooded prince who has been magically transformed into an unsightly creature as punishment for his selfish ways. To revert into his true human form, the Beast must first learn to love a bright, beautiful young woman whom he has imprisoned in his enchanted castle before it is too late.

The setting is a counseling center for teenagers recovering from substance abuse.  One of their peers, Robert, has just died of an overdose.  Accident or suicide?  The atmosphere is tense and uneasy.  Finally, each young person speaks about his or her memory of Robert.  The dramatic monologues tell us a great deal about each speaker and the terrors of drug abuse.  Although Robert remains something of a mystery, his impact on the others is undeniable.  This is a hard-hitting work with an emotionally strong anti-drug message. 

The Wicked Witch has finally been caught and hauled into the Court of Once Upon a Time to stand trial. She's accused of casting a spell on Sleeping Beauty, attempting to poison Snow White, kidnapping Rapunzel, and trying to eat Hansel. Red Riding Hood heads up the prosecution with the Evil Stepmother of Cinderella fame serving as the defense attorney. The Three Little Pigs act as bailiffs, while Jack the Giant Killer is the guard. The judge? None other than the Fairy Godmother. The Wicked Witch's alleged victims are witnesses for the prosecution, along with the ever-popular Prince Charming. However, rigorous cross-examinations by the Evil Stepmother poke holes in many of their stories. Not to be outdone, Red has a field day tearing up the testimony of the witnesses for the defense who include the Gingerbread Man, Rumpelstiltskin, the ugly stepsisters, and the most dangerous of all, the Big Bad Wolf. The "Trial of the Wicked Witch" is a fresh, sassy take on the old folk tales, turning them on their heads. The best part is that the audience is the jury and gets to decide the outcome of the trial.

Auditions begin January 5th