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Acting Level I
This class is for EVERY personality! There are those children who love to act and want the spotlight 24/7, and others who feel shy and need to break out of their shell.  This class will give you tons of time on the stage so you can find your “acting” process while building life-long skills. Learn how to properly explore the stage and understand how an actor works. Discover how to conquer fears, enhance public speaking, have an energized stage presence, use proper diction, enjoy collaboration and creativity and train like a professional. 
Through stage readings of famous plays, audition prep, monologue work, scene study and rehearsals that incorporate various acting methodologies that develop the actor internally as well as externally, our students will bring their own sense of self to the stage. Students will learn to listen to one another, use their imaginations and pursue actions and objectives ultimately allowing them to create their own personal process for becoming a strong actor and effective and empathetic person. 

Session 1: August through November performance in the Middle of November.

Session 2: November through February performance at the beginning of March.

Session 3: March through June performance at the beginning of June. 

Cost: $30 a month. Class meets once a week for an hour and a half every Monday 4:30pm to 6:00pm 


All acting classes are designed to develop and exercise basic acting skills through practical application of the fundamental elements of the actor’s art.  Emphasis will be placed on the growth of the young actor through education of basic acting terms, acting exercises, improvisation and public speaking.  

Main Course Objectives:  

  • To develop skills to propel the student’s passion for the arts. 

  • To develop a personal rehearsal process.  

  • To broaden the understanding of all facets of theatre. 

  • To build self-esteem in public speaking, performing and auditioning.



















 About the play:

       Our Next Production is.....

                       Wonderful Wizard Of Oz!

New members registration fee is $45 includes workbook. 

Returning members registration fee is $25 

Play will be performed on May 30th and 31st

tickets are $10

dates of performance are May 30th - 3pm to 5pm 

                                              May 30th - 7pm to 9pm 

                                               May 31st - 3pm to 5pm 



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