You asked for it its back! This time with two incredible scare houses with scare zones and more! 

Trunk or Treating outdoors for those who cant handle the houses! Best of all, all proceeds go to our company team to help raise money for Nationals. Come support our local dancers, theatre and acro students as they put on one amazing event that you will be begging to come back!



Due to us being able to follow all covid guidelines. This will not be our usual carnival event.

Carnival is fun for all ages:

Their will be sealed food, canned and bottled drinks, safe distance trunk or treating and of course our Haunted Houses! 

Come dressed in your favorite Halloween wear and celebrate an amazing time with us! Costumes are welcomed!

Masks are required for this event. No mask no entry. 

Temperature checks will be taken and sanitizing stations will be requried upon entry.

We are limited to how many can attend the event at one time. Wrist band purchases will be required upon the Halloween event. Your color will list the time you will be able to attend the event. 

if the event should get big, the time on your band will come into play and everyone will have an hour to hour and half to have fun at the event and then the next group will be able to come in. 

Where: 600 SW DARWIN BLVD, Psl, Fl 34952

When: October 23rd and 24th

Time: Carnival 6:00pm - 9:30pm 

Haunted Houses 6:30pm - 9:30pm 

$10 entry per house per person or $15 for both houses per person



Buy Haunted house Tickets

                Your Worst Nightmare


Your Worst Nightmare: Nothing is better then having all the worst villains of time in one place. You have fallen asleep and have to now walk the stories of each of this beloved psychos. Is this really a dream or are they finally trying to end their chapters with the death of you! Come see Jigsaw, Michael, Penny Wise, Jason, Freddy, Chuckie and many more and see if you have what it takes to survive or will you be another victim in there greatest story yet.

The insane asylum


Doctor James Prescot was experimenting with a bunch of patients at an insane asylum. They were used as testing tools for new vaccines and medications. Well, the experiment goes horribly wrong and now they have all been turned into these sickly insane creatues. Will you make it out alive or will you become the next victim and become forever trapped in this experience.