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  Dance 4 Life Academy's In Studio Competition

D4L Competition: COMING December 4th@ 5:00pm! Pay by November 10th

Registration is only $10 per dancer per routine! (see bottom for more details)

Entrance into the competition is $7


Below are the list of prices per number that you may enter. You may enter as many as possible. Please review our rules and regulations.

You do not have to be a member of our studio to join! Brand new trophies, awards and so much more! Sign up at the studio today and start practicing! BEST OF ALL THE AUDIENCE CHOOSES THE WINNER!

Competition rules and regulations:

Entries will be categorized by the genre that most closely represents the movement.


TAP:  Routine that consists of tap technique.  Tap shoes only.

JAZZ:  Routine that consists of primarily jazz technique.

LYRICAL:  Routine that consists of a combination of jazz and ballet techniques incorporation balance, control, and interpretation.

BALLET:  Routine that consists of ballet or pointe techniques (must include classical steps and movement).

HIP-HOP: Routine that consists of stylistic movement of the urban element.

CONTEMPORARY: Routine that consists of a fusion between jazz and lyrical techniques.

MUSICAL THEATRE: Routine that consists of dramatic interpretation.

OPEN: Routine that consists of any dance style or combination of dance styles not listed above.


*Your dance must be choreographed by you!.

*You may bring in friends that do not attend our studio to participate with you or use friends at the studio to participate with you..



Music Requirements: 

All music must be submitted to Dance 4 Life Academy the day before competition,.

Music can be submitted by Cd, with Only one song allowed per CD and must be labeled with: title of entry and name of dancer.  Please have a back-up of your music on a CD in case it is needed.  MUSIC ON IPODS IS ACCEPTED.



Scoring is done on an adjudicated point scale by 3 judges, each scoring a total of 50 points.




Choreography & Musicality:10%

Please Note:  All ties will be broken by first, Technique score, second, Execution score, and third, Judges’ poll.  Any choreography that is not considered age appropriate by the panel of judges will have up to 5 points deducted by each judge and possible disqualification.  ALL JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

We will only be awarding by 1st,2nd,3rd....

Each dancer will receive a participant award. Winners will receive a trophy. If there are five or more entries in a category, the Top 5 overall high score winners will be awarded in each age division (mini, junior, teen, & senior) in the following competition categories: solo, duo/trio, small group, large group, line/production.

Other awards that might be given:

*Best Choreography

*Most Entertaining

*Technique Award

*Best of Show

*Best Facial Expressions

Photography and Video:

Photography during the competition WITH A FLASH is strictly prohibited.  ALL cell phones are prohibited for use during the competition. We request that you respect the rights of the choreographers and the safety of the dancers.  However, you may film the competition as long as long as it does not affect the dancer.


General props are permitted but must be taken on and off the stage within two minutes.   Each dancer is responsible for the setup and removal of their props.  It is the responsibility of each dancer to have a cleanup crew to remove any objects left on stage. Dance 4 Life Academy reserves the right to deduct points for props set/strike going over time limit.

The use of baby powder or similar substances are absolutely not allowed during any performance.

The use of liquids is NOT allowed during any performance.

Please Note:  Violations to the above rules will result in the routine being ineligible for awards and the routine will be announced for participant awards ONLY.

Routine Selection

stick to above pricing and then go from there. 

Solo......... $10........  2:45min

Duet total...........$20........  2:45min

Trio ......... in total.......... $30......... 2:45min

Small Group (4-8 dancers) .........  $10 per ..3:00min

Large Group (9 - 12 dancers) .....  $10 per.. 3:00min

Production ...................................$10 per...5:00 - 8:00min


    Register 4 Competition

Name *

Email *


Age of Dancer

Style of Dance

Name of Dance/Who Sings It/ Time to Cut Dance

Your details were sent successfully! We will contact you soon with details about the next step to take for the competition! Start practicing!!

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