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Don't Let You Hold You Back!

The perfect education is the most important tool in a child's life, but sometimes we have those who learn at a different pace or a teacher who is not always clear. At Dance 4 Life Academy we have a tutoring program unlike any other!

We believe that education is the most important aspect which is why our dance classes are always geared to children learning as much as they can about that style of dance.  But we don't just like to educate on the dance floor. We go over real life lessons that they will use in everyday life as well as SCHOOL WORK!

If your struggling and need extra attention do not hesitate! Join our program today!

$20 an hour or $15 an hour if taking a dance class!

Our teachers will sit with your child and work with them an hour once a day on any subject they are struggling on! We will make notes and contact the teachers if needed and provide them a learning program that works for them!

if you need it only on certain subjects and or certain says we provide that too! Just contact us today! 

Call Today to schedule your session!


Success! We are looking forward to educating your child and will be in touch soon!

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