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Below is a list of our morning, afternoon and weekend fitness classes.  We know we have the perfect class for you so come on in and try it today! Only $15 a drop in or $55 to become a monthly member! NO REGISTRATION FEE! Save $5 everytime you refer a friend! Prices vary per program. 

Schedule is still in the making so call us today to sign up for our next class and resolve your new years resolution in an easier and sooner time frame than you thought!


WANT TO WORK OUT BUT HAVE YOUNG ONES AND NO ONE TO WATCH THEM? Look no more! Not only do you get to workout and leave feeling fresh and brand new but you can bring your little ones too! They will stay in our little room that is supervised by another teacher all in eyes view. They will get to make an activity, play games and more for only an extra $5!  Monthly members get it free!

Dance Fitness 

This workout allows you to feel sexy and good about the way you look as you shed body fat and turn it into a tone, lean, dancers body! 

Each dance is targeted to the body parts woman stress over the most and helps tone them by dancing it away! 


Classes are offered in the mornings at various times call our studio today to sign up for your next class! 


                                   Hip-Hop In Heels

Hip-Hop in Heels! Thats right! take the fun of club dancing and the technique of hip-hop and you got one sexy workout that will leave your legs and stomach feeling beautiful!


Classes are offered at various times, call the studio to sign up today!

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